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YOU are SOMEONE who has something SPECIAL

A few years ago, my son and I took turns reading a book that really inspired me. My son now 10, was only 4 at the time. The title of the book is "Something Special" by David McPhail. I bet you are probably wondering why I am writing about this book, but if it wasn't for this book, I wouldn't be writing this post. 

The story line of the book was of a raccoon named Sam. Sam could not find anything that he does that is special. He discusses how his sisters, brothers, and even parents all have something that they do special and he has nothing. Sam begins to try to do everything that everyone else does and never succeeds. He feels hopeless and disappointed. 

Then one day, Sam's mom was trying to paint something and she could not paint it to her liken, so Sam suggested that she paint it a different color. Sam's mother asked him to show her and so he did and guess what it turned out beautiful! Once Sam recognized that painting was HIS something SPECIAL he came alive and begin to paint pictures of and for everyone! So tonight, I am writing this to tell you that YOU are SOMEONE who has SOMETHING special. 

So many times, we find ourselves trying to do what someone else does or just settling for doing something for someone else because we feel that we have nothing to offer. We begin to down ourselves because we fail to see our unique gifts. This is my main purpose and passion as a Life coach is to help people see the purpose in their pain and also to discover what is unique about them. What is unique about you? You probably are great at something that you haven't even tried yet! Believe in yourself and tonight ask God to show YOU what is unique about YOU.

God bless,

Nicole C. Lofton

YSM (Your Spiritual Mentor)



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