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About Me

Image of Nicole Lofton

Nicole Lofton is an Anti-Domestic Violence Advocate, Certified Christian Life Coach, and The Podcast Host of Purpose Whispers.  After surviving domestic violence and other personal situations in life, Nicole felt led to advocate, educate and empower others through her story. 


Nicole has always had a passion for helping others and because of that she completed her BA in Psychology in 2007 and received her certification as Biblical Life Coach in April of 2012. Also in 2011, Nicole started her first blog on the subject of domestic violence which has gone on to garner a lot of attention and helped a lot of victims become survivors. Nicole’s blog “Domestic Violence As A Whole” was also named one of the top 101 domestic violence resources on SocialWork.Net. To this date, Nicole’s blog has over to 90,000 views. Nicole’s blog has also been recognized by some organizations and even some celebrities. 


Also in 2011, Nicole launched a petition to the NFL in efforts and hopes that they would acknowledge domestic violence awareness by wearing purple; just as they wear pink for breast cancer awareness. One of the reasons behind this is because October is the awareness month for both causes. That petition has also garnered attention and even was the topic of an article on Since then many others have also launched similar petitions in hopes that the NFL will give more extensive education to their players and also wear purple to raise awareness. 


Nicole is also the founder of Faithful Deeds Foundation, a nonprofit that aspires to restore hope by committing faithful deeds to those in need. Through Faithful Deeds, Nicole hosts a conference titled “From Pain To Purpose”, this conference was first put together in October of  2013. She is also a newly self-published author as of January 2013. Nicole’s faith plays a substantial part in her personal and professional life. She aspires to be a beam of light that permits people to recognize the connection between their pain and their purpose.  

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