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About Me

Nicole C. Lofton, an advocate against domestic violence, a Certified Christian Life Coach, and the host of the empowering podcast, "Purpose Whispers," embodies a journey marked by resilience and purpose.

Surviving domestic violence and overcoming personal adversities fueled Nicole's calling to advocate, educate, and empower others through her compelling story. Her commitment to supporting survivors stems from a deep-rooted passion for helping others, evident in her academic pursuits. Graduating with a BA in Psychology in 2007, Nicole pursued her calling further by becoming a Certified Biblical Life Coach in April 2012.

In 2011, Nicole's impactful blog, "Domestic Violence As A Whole," emerged as a beacon of awareness and support, reaching thousands and earning recognition as one of the top 101 domestic violence resources on Her advocacy extended beyond online platforms; she launched a petition urging the NFL to acknowledge domestic violence by wearing purple, akin to their support for breast cancer awareness, gaining notable attention and media coverage.

Founding the Faithful Deeds Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to restoring hope through compassionate action, Nicole introduced the transformative conference "From Pain To Purpose" in October 2013. Her commitment to empowering others resonates through her self-published works, marking her as a beacon of faith and resilience.

Nicole's faith remains central to her life, shaping her professional endeavors and personal mission. Her coaching approach harmonizes spirituality and practical guidance, aiming to illuminate the path from pain to purpose for individuals seeking clarity and fulfillment.

Through her multifaceted roles as an advocate, coach, author, and founder, Nicole C. Lofton strives to be a guiding light, illuminating the profound connection between personal pain and divine purpose.

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