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Hi, My name is Nicole C. Lofton and I help my clients move past limited beliefs and negative limitations that have either been self-imposed or placed on them by others so that they can have a renewed and accurate sense of self and they can move forward with that they truly want to do in life.


Imagine living a life where you are fully healed and spiritually free. What would that feel like for you? 


I personally know how it feels to be the strong one. I know how it feels to hold everything in and to feel like you are going to explode. I know how it feels to be there for everyone else, but then it feels like no one is there for you.


I also know how it feels to wonder if God is still there, to wonder if he is listening, to wonder if he cares. I know how it is to feel lost and searching for purpose. 


And now, I know how it feels to be healed, to be free, to not care what anyone thinks. I know how it feels to have a personal relationship with God. I know how it feels to have purpose, and I would love for you to experience that as well.


Through my advocacy, coaching, speaking, and writing, my purpose is to help you understand the purpose in your pain.


So what exactly is it that I do?

I re-define life purpose one trial at a time


How do I do it?

I do this by deconstructing our views/mindset on pain so that we can reconstruct it and have a clearer vision of our purpose. This changes the way that we view pain so that we can truly walk in our purpose.


Why do I do this?

I choose to be a life coach that focuses on pain and purpose because our mindsets can sometimes create beliefs or false realities rather that keep us from truly living a fulfilled and purposeful life.

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Nicole Lofton
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