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Imagine living a life where you are fully healed and spiritually free. What would that feel like for you? 

Being strong is something I personally understand. I understand how it feels to hold everything in and feel like you're about to explode. Having been there for everyone else, but then feeling like no one was there for you, I know how it feels.

Additionally, I know how it feels to wonder if God is still listening, to wonder if he cares. I know how it is to feel lost and seek purpose. 

Now I know what it is like to be healed, free, and not care what anyone thinks. I have experienced how it feels to have a personal relationship with God. Knowing that you have a purpose is something I know very well, and I would love you to experience it too.

By advocating, coaching, speaking, and writing, I help you get to the root of your pain so that you can walk in your purpose.


So what exactly is it that I do?

I assist my clients in re-defining their life purpose one trial at a time


How do I do it?

This is done by deconstructing our views/mindsets on pain so that we can reconstruct it and have a clearer view of our purpose. This changes the way we view pain so that we can truly walk in our purpose. By deconstructing our view of pain, we can get a better understanding of our own resilience and the strength we have to make it through difficult times. We can also gain a better understanding of how our mindset affects how we experience pain and how we can use that to our advantage in order to reach our goals. This allows us to view pain in a more positive and constructive way, which can lead to greater success and fulfillment.


Why do I do this?

We can live lives void of fulfillment and purpose because our mindsets can sometimes create false realities rather than true ones. Too often, people find themselves stuck in the same mindsets that lead them into the same routines. This can make them feel like they are in a constant cycle of disappointment and sadness. By helping them re-frame their thoughts and create clarity around their goals, they can start to build a new reality that is void of this emptiness and instead full of purpose and fulfillment. In my career as a life coach, I am dedicated to helping people overcome obstacles and walk into their God-given purpose.

You can schedule a free 30-minute discovery session by clicking the button below.

Nicole Lofton
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