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Relaxation Tips For Mom's From Mom's on Mother's Day!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Today is Mother's day and I have been reflecting a lot. In my reflection, I remembered something that I was supposed to do on Mother's Day 2018. Around that time, I was preparing to launch a devotional for moms, but it didn't happened because I was in a situation that turned out not to be the best for me. It will happened though.

During that time, I came across some articles discussing what moms wanted on mother's day. The top 3 things that I noticed was that on mother's day moms wanted a cooked meal, a day to relax(time for themselves), and sometime without the kids lol. I don't think that is much too much to ask. Moms deserve a break some time, it can be tiring because moms wear many hats. So I made a post on Facebook asking moms to post their relaxation tips and I would feature them in a blog. So two years later, here we are lol.

Here are the relaxation tips that were posted and by who, feel free to comment and share yours!

Tonia Reaves, American Income Life

"My tip is get in a quiet place at home or park like botanical gardens, pray and meditate, read over a cup of coffee or tea. Also, a one night get away a place like Pheasant Resorts if you have some extra cash"

Chante Henderson

"My favorite me time is leaving for work just an extra hour or 2 early and to drive in silence and turn my phone off."

Danyelle Milton

"A good tip for us moms is to take a day (or even a half of a day) to do absolutely NOTHING that you are required to do, but only what you want to do. Even if it's sitting in the bed binge watching a show. Have no goals for that day or half day."

Kiana Jones, CEO of Jones Daycare and Take 5 Travel

"As a mom, do whatever you need to do to feel better and be a better you. If you're no good for yourself, you won't be any d@&# good for anyone else."

Roshunna Bledsoe

"My tip is every chance you get even if it’s for 3 minutes,take a seat and breathe, thank God for everything you have. If you have no plans on your OFF day, keep it that way and relax!"

Anise Marshall, CEO fo 5 Royal Sisters Publishing and Author of "The Sisters Keeper"

"Take the time to sit outside in a quiet spaces and reflect on what you see in front of you to release built up tension that you might not know you have. Journal your thoughts. Write down what happened, what could have happened and 1 thing that you're grateful for in that particular scenario. Also, if you have a child with a disability and your issue is more so with frustration, take a walk with them. Have them pick little flowers. Talk to them even if they don't understand. Love on them and be in the moment instead of worrying."

Ebony Moore, Singer, Songwriter and Comedian who plays the character of "Mother Tell All"

"My relaxing time includes music!!!! Listening to, writing or recording music is my passion and enjoyment. It soothes the soul and was a great spirit lifter for me while my son was in the NICU."

Ernesha Ledbetter

"It’s OK to not be OK. Tell someone when you’re running on empty Don’t put everything on you ask for help!"

Happy Mother's Day To All moms out there. I pray that this day and every day that you remember how bless you are that God chose you to be a mother or like a mother to someone. It is definitely not always easy, but he chose us for a reason. God bless you all.

Nicole C. Lofton

Your Spiritual Mentor


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