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Understanding The Purpose In Your Pain

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Many times when we go through situations that cause us pain, it's hard to see the purpose in it. Some people question why God would even allow them to go through something that would cause them pain. Why would He do that?

The truth is that sometimes we put ourselves in situations that end up causing us pain and God allows us to grow through it so that we can learn from it. In Jeremiah 29:11 God tells us that He does not have plans to harm us, but to give us hope and a future. He knows the plans that He has for us and it is not in His plan to cause us harm. It’s important to remember that if you are experiencing a trial that it is for a bigger purpose.

God tells us not to be surprised at the painful trials that we experience. Why do you think that He would say that? Today, I am writing this to shed light on this subject.

1. To Teach Us

God allows us to go through things so that we can learn. If we never learn, we will never grow. If we never had to experience pain or learn a lesson what good what we really be? It is just like when someone comes to you for advice about the same situation and you say " well i'm done telling him or her what I think, if they ask again I am not saying anything". Sometimes we have to go through something in order to learn and what we ultimately learn is that we are nothing without God. God is always here, he loves us, and he protects us. His will is greater than ours, we have to learn to trust Him and follow Him.

2. To Use Us

Not only do we need God, but He needs us to. We are children of God, but we are also workers in His Kingdom. We are a family that prays and works together. He needs you to testify about what He has done for you so that you can tell others too. What painful trial have you experienced and God protected, helped, or saved you? Right now there is someone or some people going through a similar trial and God is going to use you to let them know that they too can overcome.

3. To Promote Us

We all have different levels that we go through. In order to go higher, you are going to have to go through the fire. Your experiences prepare you for the future, it prepares you for greater, it prepares you for what’s to come. Think back on a trial that you experienced and think about what came after? More than likely you probably learned something from the last trial to prepare you for what happened after that.

4. To Change us

Yes, it is true, sometimes we have to experience trials in order to change us. I always say that there are some things that are life changing and then there are some things that are just life changing EXPERIENCES. We need to go through trials to change us. Sometimes we need a new outlook on life.

5. To Show Us Something

God uses trials to reveal things to us. Sometimes He uses trials to get our attention and bring us back to focus. Sometimes we are too focused on something or not focused enough on it whether it be a relationship, marriage, work, school, etc.. God can use the trial to bring us to focus so that we can see what He is trying to reveal.

6. To Protect Us

It may seem odd, that I would say that God would use a painful trial to protect, but it is true. He can use the trial to distract us or to guide us in a different direction. God's protection is always a blessing.

7. To Develop A Relationship With Us

Sometimes God uses a trial just to simply bring us to Him,we may not come on our own or we may not come when we need to. God longs for a relationship with us.

Do you think there are more? It is definitely possible, stay tuned!


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