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Do We Really Cheat On Our Fears And Break Up With Our Doubts?

I know that most of us have heard this popular quote that is floating around and I happen to believe that it is a very inspiring quote. However, I think when it comes to following our dreams, it is important to remain true to ourselves. If we do not remain true to ourselves in every aspect, we set ourselves up for failure.

So, that leads me to my question today, do we really cheat on our fears and break up with our doubts? I happen to know that fear and doubt are two things that will always be present. Does that mean that we have to give into them? No, but it is true that they will always be present.

The thing that we must understand is that there is NOTHING wrong with that, it just means that you are normal. The ONLY time that those two things become problems is when YOU allow them to take over YOUR life. So from examining this quote, I probably could agree that you can cheat on your fears, you can cheat on them with faith.

Do we really honestly break up with our doubts though? NOT really! The thing that happens when we con ourselves into believing certain sayings is that it could also set us back as well because to me, this is just like when people say that they do not acknowledge the devil EVEN though Jesus told us to always be on the look out and aware of the devils tactics. Some of his tactics are actually fear and doubt and this quote is a sure way to pretend that he doesn't exist so that he can sneak up on us. We have to stop pretending that what is usually considered "negative" doesn't exist because that is not going to help you stay positive.

What will help you stay positive though is turning what is considered "negative" into a positive. So now when you look at your fears and doubts, you turn them into a negative. You first sit down and say why am I experiencing this fear and doubt? You have to get to the root of it first. It could be just because its something new, it could be because you are excited or anxious. It doesn't have to have a negative connotation. Then what do you do? Well then, you turn it into an affirmation "I am NOT my fears and my doubt", "I am a overcomer", "I am a conqueror", "My fears and doubts do not determine my life". Lastly, instead of being "engaged to your faith", get married to your faith and you will produce your dreams! Your dreams are your babies!

I know that some of you may not agree with this, but for those that do, I hope that it inspires you!!!

God bless,

Nicole C. Lofton

YSM (Your Spiritual Mentor)



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